Iron Bamboo – Dendrocalamus Strictus

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to visit a number of bamboo groves, nurseries and farms both in the US & in China, but Dendrocalamus has alluded me. It’s a rather mysterious species known for its solid fibers, durability and ability to refrain from cracking – a golden species among many frame builders including Panda (Sanded), Boo Cycles, Calfee and BBS.

Here is a first hand documentation of the species from a 75 acre Strictus plantation in Mexico.

I arrived mid morning and got a chance to walk around, scouting around for a handful of poles in various stages of growth, harvest, dried, sunburnt and decay.

First impression – soft, supple and easily dinged. The fresh stalks felt smooth and soft to the touch and were perspiring in the early morning sun like it just came out of a sauna. I took a fingernail to the fresh pole and was able to etch a line with ease, which translate to a lack of silicon.

photo (1)     photo (6)

photo (2)    photo (3)

photo (8)    photo (7)

photo (9)    photo (4)

photo (5)

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