My name is Zack. I’ve been working with bamboo bikes for since 2009.

It started off as an art project in 2009 where I built my first bike out of a high rise balcony in Beijing. I spent weeks combing through composite material online, doing cuts and sourcing parts throughout China. My first builds were an oddball of parts that took me several months to source while traveling. I  found bamboo from a farm in western China, scored bamboo scaffolding poles from a construction site outside of Shanghai, unraveled fiber rope from the basement of a “Home Depot”-ish chain, sawed pieces from a 1950s flying pigeon frame and combed Beijing’s paint stores for questionable resin. It was a long and interesting experiment done mostly in an enclosed 2 x 6ft balcony with mixed tooling, serious heat (Beijing gets to 100+ in summer), bad form and many a many no-nos..

Fast forward to 2012, I was back in California and had built up Stalk Bicycles with two friends in Oakland. We had refined the process, got the bike looking clean and sexy, and had a few years of road and shop data under my belt.

Collected here is my personal collection of tips, tricks and methods developed over the last 4 years of bamboo bike fiddling, riding and building. Please dig around, enjoy and hopefully it’ll inspire you to make your own.

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